Chill Factor and/or Rio are ideal for clubs, bars, festivals, restaurants, private house/pool/street parties etc....

Bookings can be made via the Contact Us box, by mobile on 657 73 55 33 (limited mobile signal) or preferably by email to

Private parties for Chill Factor or RIO please enquire...


We would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us or leave your message below.

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Jacques Vande Vorst, Xalo

Post to Pam Pearson. Moderator "Jalon Valley Connect"

Christine Bromfield, Stoke on Trent

Lost touch ... it’s Chris and Dave from Staffs. Hope your ok. Please FB friend me xxx

michael lamb, england

Could you please send me details how I can purchase your CD s live at issues keswick,we did buy them when we came to see You's at keswick,but they are now in need of been replaced.thanks m.lamb .sunderland:)

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